The Future Marketplace for Sustainable Real Estate
- The Potential of Blockchain Technology

Copenhagen, September 12th

Come and learn about all the benefits of tokenized real estate portfolios.
Event Program
At this event you will hear from industry leaders about your opportunities with blockchain based real estate portfolios.

14.00- 14.05 - Velkomst & Opening
Rasmus Juul-Nyholm, Formand, Proptech Denmark

14.05- 14.10 - Introduction to the event
Mette Kibsgaard, CMO, DigiShares

14.10- 14.25 - Introduction to blockchain
Bo Hembæk Svensson, Blockchain Specialist @ BlockNordic

14.25- 14.45 - Value proposition in a blockchain based market - market potential and challenges in sustainable real estate development
Rasmus Olsen, Project Manager @ Building Council Denmark

14.45- 15.05 - Tokenized real estate to stabilize a stablecoin
Lasse Birk Olesen, Head of Integration @ MakerDAO

15.05- 15.25 - Break

15.25- 15.45 - Intro to Blockchain in the real estate sector - opportunities for quality control and securities trading
Claus Skaaning, Co-founder & CEO @ DigiShares
Mette Kibsgaard Co-founder & CMO @ DigiShares

15.45- 16.05 - Case study: $250M of tokenized Real Estate Fund
Julianne Sloane, Analyst @ Leaseum Partners

16.05- 16.25 - Legal aspects of securities trading on the blockchain

16.30- 16:55 - Fireside Chat

16.55 - Thanks for this time by PropTech Denmark

17.00 - Networking and a refreshment

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FinTech Lab
Applebys Plads 7, 1411 København K

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