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What is tokenization and why is it relevant for the real estate industry

An intriguing look at at all the other possible assets to tokenize and open up to a completely new investor base

An interview with Claus Skaaning, Co-founder and CEO of DigiShares

This document will describe in detail how and why you should tokenize real estate, using the DigiShares platform.

Now that we are nearing Christmas, the natural question arises – how can tokenization help Santa deliver his gifts. And who better to explore this topic than Santa's namesake, the CEO of DigiShares.

The STO market is undergoing rapid worldwide development. For certain STOs, the EU is making it easier to engage a broader group of investors than the US

A Critique by Claus Skaaning

Value Proposition of Blockchain-Based Fundraising

From the leading Danish business newspaper, Børsen 9th January 2019